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Everyday Christian Life Ministry is made natural, easy, and oh-so-comfortable with the Bible Blanket Quilt

Every word of every verse of the entire Bible is clearly printed on the BibleBlanket Quilt using high quality materials. It is an heirloom you can use every day! Everyone who sees the BibleBlanket Quilt is amazed. Amazement often leads to interest. Interest to conversation and genuine life ministry. The BibleBlanket Quilt helps plant the seeds of love and love for God's Word. Our Heavenly Father promises his Word will not return empty. Your gift of a BibleBlanket Quilt provides the words of Life that will be there when they need it most. With it, you may have the privilege to share your faith when the opportunity arises.

Warm the lives of those you love with the words of Hope. Order your Bible Blanket today.