The Bible Blanket-Egyptian Cotton Quilt. Complete Bible, KJV. Beautifully decorated.

Bible Blanket



The Entire Bible on one Beautiful Quilt

Have you ever wondered what the Bible looks like spread out in its entirety? Now you can have it with the Bible Blanket.

Every word of every verse of the entire Bible is very readable. There is no other blanket like it!

Now all you need to read under the covers is a flashlight. No book required!

Read God’s word last thing before going to sleep, and first thing upon waking.


  • Made with high quality 100% 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton fabric.

  • Entire New Testament on one side and entire Old Testament on the other side.

  • New Testament font is large and clear. The Old Testament font, while smaller, is easily readable by anyone with normal vision.

  • Words of Jesus Christ in red.

  • Decorated with photographs from America, Africa, and the Caribbean.

  • NASA picture of earth with hundreds of languages praising the Lord!

  • Includes several classic hymns with words and musical script.

  • Made with preshrunk cotton fabric and batting.

  • 90x100 inches. Approximately queen size quilt.

  • Machine washable.

The Bible Blanket is the entire King James Bible portrayed on one beautiful quilt, and profusely decorated with hundreds of photographs of God’s creation (sheep, birds, butterflies, flowers, and others), classic hymns, favorite Bible verses, and other special designs. The New Testament is on one side with the words of Jesus in red and the Old Testament is on the other side. Advanced, high-resolution printing produces vibrant detail. The Bible Blanket Quilt is printed on very soft, 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton fabric. It is preshrunk and made colorfast with steam-set textile dye, and filled with preshrunk cotton batting. The Bible Blanket is durable, warm, and comfortable.

Here’s what Others say about how the Bible Blanket Quilt has become part of their Life

"Beautiful, well made, the pictures are gorgeous and the entire Bible is on it. And for this marvelous time sharing God’s Word… what a wonderful value! My pre-school girls and I talk about the birds, the sheep, the butterflies, and most importantly Jesus who created it all. We build forts in the living room with it and lay under it playing "eye-spy" with the pictures and songs amidst the scriptures. We love it!" — Bethany Jepsen

"We love our Bible Blanket! It is so unique and our grandchildren love to lay on the bed studying it; they seem to always find something new each time they’re here. Excellent craftsmanship, beautiful to look at, and it adds a lot of warmth to our bed. Very comforting to be covered by the Word of God!" — Bev Hansen

"When my daughter was born, as I cuddled with her, wrapped in a blanket, I would often wish I had remembered to bring a Bible along to read aloud to her. We were blessed to receive the Bible Blanket as a gift. It was perfect for this! I also didn't have to be vigilant to keep pages intact. I want my daughter to hear God's Word from the start. I am sure that children understand a lot more than we realize. It has also started exciting conversations when friends visit. After reading several pages on the blanket, questions arise. This leads to study with friends and greater understanding. Because of this blanket I have spent a lot more time reading the Bible. One of the amazing effects has been more joy!" — Dianne R.

"Whenever my adopted grandfather wakes up at night confused, he loves to be covered by his Bible Quilt. Not a professing believer in his younger years, he's very interested in the Bible passages and stories on his covers. The Bible Quilt gives us a warm and caring opportunity to talk about what's most important in this life and the next. What a priceless gift for his life!            — Leslie T.

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Parents. Expand on the quality time with your children. Teach them to love God’s Word.

Grandparents. When the time for direct parenting is over, yet it's so important to plant those Seeds of Love for God's Word. When they ask, “What did you get me for Christmas?”, what better gift than a Bible Blanket!

For Elder care. Many of our older parents or grandparents need to talk about something immediate and in front of them. The Bible Blanket is such a wonderful way to have a conversation that is appropriate to their situation and, with the Bible Blanket, your talk easily turns to important things of this life. It is also soft and comfortable and meaningful for people who are confined to their beds much or all of the time.

Church groups and Christian Charities can give a unique, appropriate, and useful appreciation for outstanding service, or use it for a fundraiser.

Treasured Gifts for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries.

Or, for You!

And guests always admire the extraordinary and comfortable Bible Blanket!